Mark is a professional herpetologist with a particular interest in monitor lizards (goannas) and crocodiles.
His interest in reptiles began at about the age of 9 thanks to his teacher at Eagle Preparatory School in Zimbabwe, Mr Hingley, and at home in Zambia.
His initial interest was in the venomous species of snake found around school and home, such as boomslangs, mambas, cobras, puff adders and gaboon vipers. However, he soon realised that this was the way to a very short herpetological career, and became more interested by crocodiles and lizards. Mark's T.V. and Radio credits include "Play School", "Animal Hospital", "Totally Wild", Foxkids "Klubhouse","Burke's Backyard", "NRL Footy Show", MTV's "Road Rules", Natural History New Zealand's "Twisted Tales", TVNZ's "What Now?" and Triple M's "Andrew Denton Breakfast Show" and "Pet Talk Radio" amongst others. 
Mark has worked at a number of wildlife institutions in Australia, including The Australian Reptile Park, Sydney Aquarium, and Cairns Tropical Zoo and lectures on reptiles and amphibians at The Hunter Institute. Mark is a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

Mark Richmond